SA Sprints and National Trial


I have just rturned from Natal, where we stayed at Nagle dam (Valley of a Thousand Hills) for 2 weeks. Saurday 19th April was the National trial, where our squad had to defend their positions on the National team going to the Olympic Games.

Shaun successfully defended his spot on both the 500m and 1000m K1 events, and our K4 (Jen Hodson, Nikki Mocke, Carol Joyce and myself) are still the Women’s K4. Bridgitte Hartley pipped Jen to the post in the Women’s K1 500m, thereby earning nherslef the right to have a second trial, which will be in Hungary at the first World Cup at the beginning of June.


SA Champs was the following weekend. It went well, with our whole squad doing all the events, as to get in as much race practice as possible. We set a new personal best time in our 500m K4! Very stoked with that.


Now I am in Plett visiting my family for the long weekend, then its back to CT for 3 HARD weeks of training before we set off to Europe and the 3 World Cup events.

Training in K1

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