Dolphins and Pink Skies


I love Plett! Just got back from the beach, and after a lot of hard training today, I pulled out my old malibu board from my life saving days. There is this awesome wave that has formed off the point of LookOut thanks to the storms and floods Plett had in November. I took full advantage of the long wave, and milked it all the way to the beach. Only to have to paddle around 500m back out to sea again!


Then on the way back to Central beach (where I had parked “Cliopatra”, my car) a massive school of dolphins joined me for the cruise home! It was so incredible, and I forgot how exillerating it is to paddle with them. They were playing, and jumping and swimming underneath me! So stoked! I really have missed being in the sea.

Wish I had a waterproof camera with me as the sky was this incredible pink colour. Anyway, it is imprinted in my mnd to get me through some windy, cold Cape Town vlei sessions!


That’s all for now.


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