We arrived in Hungary after 4 flights and 27 hours of travelling! Nothing like taking the long way around. Unfortunately, Nikki and my paddles failed to arrive with us, so we went to the all too familiar “Lost and Found” desk and started the process of locating the missing bags.


We are staying at the Cspel canoe club, which is right where we train. It’s fantastic, our rooms are great and there is wireless internet. The cooking facilities, however, consist of a microwave and fridge. Self catering can’t quite mean the same thing over here. Luckily, we’ve got Robbie, and we’ve asked him for some cutlery, pots etc.

Niks and my room


That’s all for now. I am on Skype, my Skype name is eraymich, if anyone wants to chat. I also have a cel over here: +36 702 679 306 for sms’s/calls.

For some International canoeing news, the recently held European Champs has some video footage up on

And locally, well done to Graeme Soloman and Lance King on their second place finish at the SA Marathon Champs, and to Jemma Hofmeyer and Megan Kelly on their third place finish.

One thought on “Hungary

  1. I just Love the Classy Bedding in your Flat. ALso Tell Mocke to UP the Game in the Posing Dept. We expect far more Active ALive poses from our Olympic Team! What Happened to the Murphy point and Thumbs UP?

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