First week over


One week done already! Unfortunately I picked up a vicious bug/virus thing, and have been spending way too much time in my bed. I am feeling a lot better today, and hopefully will be back in my canoe soon.


Before I got sick, we went to fetch our brand new K4! It’s awesome, and it’s identical to the one we will race in Beijing. Which is in 68 days time! Unbelievable! Here is a picture of the new speed machine. 

2 thoughts on “First week over

  1. Hey Mich,

    Hope that you have recovered from your lurgy. All well here, no rain unlike in cape town where they seem to be hogging it all. no action really from our side, went to betty’s for the weekend where the mccainers got totally out of control at the hangklip hotel and now i think that the locals are suffering from post traunmatic stress and singed eyeballs! see link to jaques photos:

    sorry we missed you when you were here. have been paddling a bit, but my rather rapidly expanding middle is starting to make things a little uncomfy, am going to have to get some bigger paddling shorts. chauncey did make a valid point though that at least once i get really big i can do rivers without a splashie! trust him to come up with a chirp like that.

    so other than a bit of “lack of real sport frustration” from my side, all is well!

    keep well and lots of love and good luck!


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