Back in Budapest-I’m becoming a local…


Final report from Duisburg World Cup: Unfortunatley, the K2 A Final did not go well. A lack of experience is to blame I think… We had a bit of a shocker of a start, and just never came back from it. A good learning experience though, and to make an A Final on our first regatta (and having only paddled together 3 times before the event) is a great achievement. It’s amazing how we continuously raise the bar. A while ago, we would have been happy with a B Final, and now, it’s an A Final and a position in it!

Team South Africa had a very successful regatta, with both team boats making A Final, Shaun making A Finals for the 500m and 1000m, Jen narrowly missing out on a medal in the 500m K1, and Bridge getting a silver in the 1000m!

Well, we woke up to pouring rain this morning, which was a nice surprise as it’s been so hot here in Hungary! There was no waiting time as we got back on Monday from Germany and jumped straight back into training!

We have one week exactly until we leave for Poland and our final World Cup. Time sure has flown here, as we have been so busy jetting around to races. 

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