Official Olympic Team Announcement


It’s official, check out this link The Olympic Committee of RSA have announced the team for Beijing. Yay!

On the stopover in Dubai airport on the way to Hungary, I bought a waterproof and shockproof Olympus camera (luckily ’cause I’ve dropped it twice already). I have been having a whole lot of fun with it. Above is a picture of Niks and I on a training paddle. Can’t wait to get back to Plett and take it out on my ski and get some radical dolphin pictures!

Here’s a self portrait

Yes I am bored… It’s 2130, the dive bomber Hungarian mosquito’s are out, the noisy frogs from the river are starting their insanely irritating singing (more like screaming)!

Lewis Gordon Pugh is staying with us, as he trains for his next expedition. No more swimming in the Antarctic for him, he’s now doing a real sport, paddling:) Check out his website here We just had celebratory ice-creams as it’s 50 days until the opening ceremony!

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