Budapest airport


Just had a small altercation with the lady behind the counter over a few measly kilograms! I have 7 paddles, most of which are  to bring back for people in SA, which Icleverly put in one box, and wrapped up. It unfortunately ended up weighing 10kg… 23kg is not a lot of weight to play with 🙂

Anyway, managed to shuffle things around a bit, and now I’m sitting at the R34 coffee shop! I fly to Amsterdam, then straight on to CT! I am very excited to be coming home for 10 days.

Here are some interesting facts from the weekend’s racing.

All 3 men in the 500m K1 were under the old World Record. Both Tim Brabants (2nd) and Adam van Koeverdan (1st) went a 1.35 which is SUPER fast! So the new World Record is held by Adam from Canada. The Olympic final is going to be very interesting.

Bridgitte Hartley won SA’s first ever gold medal in the 1000m K1. She didn’t just win though, she opened a large gap and kicked some serious international butt!

Here is a photo from showing how windy it was…

If I had a ski there I am sure I would have been faster!

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