“Good Luck Beijing” Party


Wayne and Louise Craig from Off The Hook in Plettenberg Bay had the most awesome going away party for me last Saturday (5th July). They went out of their way to make it such a special evening. Their whole restaurant was decorated with SA flags, and pictures of me racing and training.The food was fantastic-seafood snacks, fish, calamari etc. It was so special to find out that I have so much support, and people watching my progress. I hope to do you all proud at the Olympics.

Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Lisa Jerling for the fantastic cake in the colours of the SA flag. Here’s a picture of it:

 my family

Thanks to Lyndall from SAB,

(Mands and Lyndall)

And to Dave Rissik for your Good Luck Charm. I hope you know: a few years back when I was trying to make the decision whether or not to give up my life as I knew it, and live out of a bag, and make it my mission to go to the Olympics, that it was a small chat that I had with you, that made up my mind to go for it! Your stories of the Games, and how great it was for you (to go to THREE OLYMPICS! we have a legend living in Plett), really inspired me to go for it.

Thanks to Marty for his nice words. I still remember when I first started paddling, and Mart, Daniel Conradie, Hanno Smit and James Mangold used to work me to exhaustion. The best part of the session was catching waves at The Reef off the BI Hotel. One day, after the session, catching some fun waves, Mart turned to me and said “Don’t forget ,e when you’re famous.” I said “Mart, don’t forghet me when you famous!” The G4 winner had no clue how talented he was, and what he was going to achieve in the future!

Thanks again to Wayne and Louise and all their staff for the super evening. And thanks to everyone for coming and for all the support.

 B singing the anthem.

I will post the TV schedule for the Games once I know it.

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