Turkey Airport


Sitting in Turkey airport waiting for our connecting flight to Dubai, and then on to China. I read in the newspaperon the plane that the Iraqi team is now allowed to compete at the Games. I’m happy for them, politics has nothing to do with athletes.

Said goodbye to Ant Stott and Nic Burden at the airport. They are off to Spain to do Sella and some other races there. Best of luck to them. Ant has a blog now. Its www.antstott.wordpress.com

Jen has a blog too. Its www.jenhodson.wordpress.com

I will put a link up to both in my Links section. I have also made a new page with the TV schedule for the Games on it.

Here’s an interesting bit of statistics. I have just been charging my Garmin, and I looked at the paddling training history, and since the 25 February 2007 until yesterday, the 4th August 2008, I have logged around 1500 hours, 5000km and burnt 299028 Calories paddling (not including racing and time trials, and most warm ups). And 800km, 73 hours of running (Although I run mostly without a GPS, just a stopwatch…so this is not too accurate). Anyway, not too sure how correct this is, I am not focusing too hard on my maths skills here, and the Turkish coffee I just downed is making it hard to think 🙂

One thought on “Turkey Airport

  1. Mom

    Wow Mich- we know more or less your training schedule but when its all added up (and much more) – its impressive!I think that justifies you relaxing on the sofa when ever you’re at home!
    We miss you and so excited to see you in Beijing!
    Love Mom

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