Beijing far


Hi!  This is Colleen (Michele’s Mom) . Mich is unable to access her blog here in Beijing due to a restriction,

Mich sent this email.  She will look into solving the problem. If you want to contact her , her email address is  



Sorry there has been no communication but I think that the Chinese have found a way to make time fly…

I will write a longer mail soon, so here are the highlights so far:


It is super HOT!

The Chinese are unbelievably organised, friendly and helpful.

The Village rocks… Saw Roger Federer yesterday, and Raphael Nadal.

The Food Court is dangerous…

Every athlete here is a champion in their sport, and in their country. The best.

It is super HOT!

I’m at the Olympics….wow. I think it’s finally sinking in.

The opening ceremony was awesome, we came into the stadium singing Sho-sholoza, what a vibe. And did you see that dude running along the lip of the stadium? He must have had quite a view!!



Mich x




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