Unfortunately my blog was blocked while I was in China, so I could not post anything. Hope you all saw my temporary blog on

If not, go check it out for the news.


So the event of the century has come and gone. Wow, it really was amazing. I can’t believe its over. It was so incredible, I would consider trying it all over again, yes, another 4 years for those 2 weeks! The best part was meeting people who are like-minded, and who were just amped to be there, competing with the best in the world.

I have put a lot of photos up on Facebook, so go take a look. I will also put some up here soon. Now I am in Plett for some downtime, then if I get over this flu, I’ll race Breede with Nikki this weekend, and then next stop is the Fish with Abbey! No rest for the wicked!

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