My New Epic V10L

My New Epic V10L

I have been doing some fantastic downwinds in my Epic V10L, and I AM LOVING IT! Being back in a ski is great, I am only realising now how much I missed it. There have been whales everywhere, every day. Check out this picture of Wayne and Woitjec (Sorry bru, but spelling your name is HARD! if I got it wrong…)


Whale of a Time:)


And here is my Brother and his new ski

Laurent and New Ski

Laurent and New Ski

And last one… Neal catching a smoker at LookOut

Neal on a smoker

Neal on a smoker


OK, back to the title… Fish Time. I am in Cradock, which is basically in the Middle Of NoWhere! I love the Fish River, the water is clean, the rapids are challenging, there is some flatwater to test you, and a bit of running, and of course, the opportunity to catch up with all your mates. I was really bummed to have missed it last year, and standing on the bank I couldn’t wait for this year’s race. The Women’s field is looking pretty competitive, with The Czech girls (past K2 winners), Carol and Jen, Alexa and Bridge, and Abbey and myself. So there are 4 boats in the race, wow! And that’s just what the press is saying, there are still some more potentially good combo’s in the form of Natalie Verkranges and Hilary PItchford, and Abie Adie and Robyn Kime. It’s not often that the Women’s field is more competitive than the men’s!

We are going tripping in a few hours, but we were here for Pre-Fish, so we just need to check on a few things. Will try take some photo’s of the “fun” obstacles so those who have never been here can see what it’s all about.

Over and Out,


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