Fish Day 1


Day One FinishPicture Gameplan Media

Day One Finish

Race Boat

The Czech Chicks

Keiths                                                                           The Czech Chicks

Day One Race Report

We had a great start, and hooked onto the wave of the faster pure Sprint crews. After a good Dam wall take out, we were in the lead, and balegered it down the road, trying to open up our gap. Going into Keiths, Jen/Carol, and Alexa/Bridge shot, we portaged. As were putting back in, we saw the Czech girls zoot past unscathed. On the bank, trying to grab their boat was Alexa/Bridge, and unfortunately Jen/Carol wrapped, they were flying so that is a big pity.

We chased the Czech girls the whole way, but ended up 45″ behind them at the finish, with Bridge/Alexa 45″ behind us. So tomorrow, we really need to go out hard from the start, as it’s 10km shorter, I think the pace will be a lot faster. We have the advantage on the portages, but there aren’t too many. And, as always, anything can happen on the day! Two big weirs that could cause problems, and a few rapids…

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