Fish Result-2nd

Start Day 2

Start Day 2

We started the Day 48 seconds behind the Czechs, and 45 seconds ahead of Alexa and Bridge. It was so cold, my hands were burning and took forever to warm up. Lucky the pace was pretty fast and so it got better!

Alexa and Bridge caught us just before Gauging Weir, and we were together from there until Cradock.

They went over Cradock Weir first, and the Lifeguards weren’t letting us go down, which was a bit irratating! When we popped over and had our first look, they were already past the bridge. I thought that it was all over, and then I quickly changed my mind, and decided that “it’s not over ’til the Fat Lady sings!” So I put my head down, told Abbey let’s go, and we managed to catch them in Golf Course Rapid. After a brief rest on their wave, we hit it hard again with a kay to go. We managed to open a boat length or two, and then just went flat box until the finish! Very stoked to come 2nd, although it is the 3rd time I have come 2nd in a double!!

Thanks to Dave Rissik and Albert for seconding us! SuperStars! And to Sean Gannon of Pennypinchers Plett for all your help.

Cradock - picture Gameplan Media

Cradock - picture Gameplan Media

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