Plett Training


This past week I have joined Southern Shamaal First Time Contenders Alexis Lyon and Neal “Steel” Stephenson for some big volume training. Last Saturday we did 41km all across the Plett Bay. The surf was actually pretty big, and as we headed out towards Groot Bank, the rebounding waves from the big swell off the rocks was quite tricky. This changed as we turned around though, and the runs were really fun to catch back towards Plett. Unfortunatley I didn’t have my camera with me, but ther were loads of super playfull dolphins all over. We then headed out to Robberg Point, and managed to catch some nice ocean swells back to Main Beach.

Then on Sunday, we tested out the course for the SA Ski 1 route this coming weekend. Wow! The runs were superb! I really hope it will be like that again for the race. Coming in wasn’t too tricky, but with Gericke’s you can never be too certain of a safe landing…

At the moment the Easterly is pumping, so no paddling for a while. The beach is out of control, hope it goes away soon.

It will be good to see everyone this weekend for the Hansa Knysna to Sedgefield race.

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