Photo by Justin Vellacot-Gameplan Media

Photo by Justin Vellacot-Gameplan Media

Saturday was the Hansa Knysna Sedgefield race, one of the Discovery/Men’s Health (see series races, and it doubled up as the SA Single Ski Championships.

Normally, the SE blows, making this one of the best Downwind paddles in the country. Unfortunatley, even though we started into a slight headwind, by the time we got out the infamous Knysna Heads, the wind died into nothing! A seriously long and tough 30km faced all the paddlers. It got really hot, and I cramped quite a bit on the day.

Alexa and I were together out the Heads, and after about 20 minutes, I managed to open a small gap. I then chased all the small runs that were there, and managed to make the gap a little bigger. It was a gamble, to go so hard at the start, but I felt that if I could open a gap early on, and then hold it when I came around Buffels Point (and then start working the runs from there to the finish). Well, I got around the Point first, but there were NO runs! The wind had died completely! I tried to work every little bump that came past, but after an hour and a half, I started to pay the price for going so hard so early! My body was cramping, I started feeling nausous, and my juice started tasting way too sweet!

Alexa was obviously feeling a lot worse than me, because I never saw her again. My super light Epic V10L proved to be my secret Weapon, as I could get onto most of the hard-to-catch little runs. I finished in 2h39 (85% of the Dawid’s winning time, and 2nd in the B-Grade), with Alexa in 2nd in 2h54, and Bianca Beavitt in 3rd in 2:57.

On Wednesday I am off to Hong Kong for the Dragon Run, and then on to Dubai for the Dubai Shamaal. I have put links to both events in the right hand column.

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