The Dragon is Slayed…

Awesome Race Trophy

Awesome Race Trophy

I am not sure if I got slayed, or the Dragon! That was tough. Even from my warm up paddle I wasn’t feeling up to today. I think the jetlag has set in, and I’m looking forward to some sleep.

The first section into the wind and swell was surprisingly good, with some nice rebounding waves helping to speed things along. Then we rounded a Marker Buoy and headed downwind. The wind wasn’t quite as strong as the predictions, but there pretty good runs. Unfortunately there was quite a lot of refrection, taking a bit out of the runs.

I just tried to maintain a steady pace and get to the finish in 1st. I had a small tussle with Rene Appel, the Epic guy here in Hong Kong. I turned ahead of him, but when I got to the end of the downwind section he was ahead of me… Local knowledge and perhaps a bad line on my part…

I was pretty broken at the finish, and had lots of cramping muscles, but there was a super refreshment jol happening at the finish-burgers and drinks. The race experience overall has been amazing. Well organised, beautiful scenery and water, and super people. I will definately be back next year, and will give myself more time here to reall enjoy Hong Kong.

Thanks to the race organisors, Ben, James and Andy for a great event, and to Rene from Epic for organising all the nitty bits and of course the most important thing, my super light Epic V10L ski! And also to Mark Dahl for letting us stay at his amazing spot!

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