Dubai Bling


Arrived in Dubai on MOnday morining. Caught taxi with The Boys to Rob Clock’s place. Managed to sneak a paddle in the afternoon. Will try load some photo’s soon.

Yesterday, Steve, Daw, Tom and I hit the Atlantis Aquacentre. Picture loads of hectic water slides/rides on tibes. Rapids, big drops…fun fun fun. Thanks to Marai for getting us in for the day. Unbelievable aquarium, with a Whale Shark… How bad! Poor thing. Also went to see dolphins which people pay around R2100 to “connect/interact” with. Shame for the dolphins in a pool…

Been training on the race course a lot, and its looking good for race day-15 knots of wind, which should make for some fun downwind. People are starting to arrive for the race. Ben Fouhy paddled with us today (4th in 1000m Final at the Olympics!). Busto is here, lots of SA guys.

Anyway, if anyone wants to ge hold of me my Dubai number is  +971 55623 0353

2 thoughts on “Dubai Bling

  1. Lorryn McVitty

    Michey!!!! Shot on your dragon victory and good luck for Dubai….I’ll be holding thumbs. Missing you bugger. x Lolly

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