The Night Before The Big Day


Wow, Dubai is amazing! I have really been having a fantastic time. I am staying with super-legends Kym and Scott Clephane, which has made life so much easier.

There are so many South Africans here, and have been catching up with loads of paddling buddies, from all over the world. Last night we had the race registration, and the who’s who of paddling were introduced… Some big names, like Tim Brabants, Eric Larrsen, Ben Fouhy-all top 4 or medalists at the recent Olympics. But you know, in the sea, there is always a little bump to catch, so my money is still on Daw or Hank, plus all the other surf ski paddlers… In the women’s event, there is also no lack of talent, with Lauren Bartlett, Alexa Cole, Kirsy Holmes etc etc etc. Going to be pretty tough. Wind predictions are looking good for an epic downwind.


Been paddling most days, and some gym and running. Also managed to sneak in a visit to the Atlantis water park-awesome rides. And the Ski Dubai-indoor ski slope. Other than that, we have been chilling at the Club Mina-where the race will finish. Pool, loungers and bean bags to lie on, the beach, a chef and bar, all making it one very chilled place to spend the day.

The Burj Hotel from the water-Woodsy and Tom

The Burj Hotel from the water-Woodsy and Tom

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