TotalSports Challenge 09


What a crazy event. 12km Surf Ski,1.5km Swim, 50km Road Bike, 13km Road Run, 13km Canoe, 9km Beach Run. 7 different events, done in either a 7 person team (with one person each doing one event), or a 2 person team (3 events each, then both do the final 9km beach run together), or as a 3 person team (2 events each, plus final beach run together).

Awesome to watch this event, really gets me motivated to start biking, ad improve my running! I took the “lazy” option and competed as part of the Totalsports Ladies Pro Team, and we won the Women’s event. My team was like the who’s who of sport, and all I needed to do was float in my K1, they were that good! Alexa Cole did the Ski, Yolandi van der Merwe (swim dynamo from Stellies) did the Swim leg, Lisa Baumann blitzed the Road Bike, tiny Bulelwa Mtshagi killed the road run, double Olympian Erica Green did the MTB and Kathleen Shuttelworth made short work of the 9km Soft Sand (!) Beach Run. The next team was just over an hour behind us. Here are some pics:




Dan Hugo won the men’s event, beating the Aussie Jared Kohlar, and Jeannie Bomford won the Women’s event, just holding off an ever-strong Michelle Lombardi. Unbelievable that they do this event all on their own, and still look so good doing it!

Well done to Billy Harker who also completed the whole Challenge!

I am on a break for the rest of the month, and will be resuming training on 1st Feb. So much to look forward to this year, Globally, Surf Ski is really taking off! And there are plenty of great Canoe races to look at too.

Unfortunatley not making the trip to Perth this week for The Doctor Ski race. Pretty sad prize money for the women’s division, plus very crazy airfare, and the need to rest the body after a wicked 2008, all made up enough reasons to stay at home.

Watch for race news.

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