Holiday Nearly Over

Sunset at Robberg

Sunset at Robberg

It’s been an interesting start to the year. Last year this time I was in CT training my heart out with Robbie and the squad, thinking about the upcoming Olympics! Now I am in Plett, and have had a break from paddling. There is no Olympics to look forward to. There is the new addition to the Mocke family to look forward to though, and that is pretty exciting!

Last year didn’t end with the Olympics for me, as I still went on to race the Fish River Marathon, then started all the Surf Ski Series races every weekend, and then on to Hong Kong and Dubai, and of course Cape Point. So I have taken my break a little later than normal, and will start my base training at the start of next week.

The break has given me a good chance to sit back and reflect on what has happened these past few years, and really plan for the year ahead. I am pretty excited at what 2009 holds. There are Ski races all over the world, as well as Marathon World Champs in Portugal in September. Many races, and much careful planning on how I will prepare properly for them. “Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail”.

I have also had a chance to work on my new business venture, MultiCoach, which will be an online coaching experience, designed to take you to where you haven’t been before, and teach you a bit about training, and yourself  in the process. Stay tuned and I will let you know when the site is launched.

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