Surf Ski Clinic-Powered by PVM



Plett Bay
Plett Bay


On Saturday I had a successful Technique Coaching session on Plett’s beautiful Main Beach. The weather was awesome, and the water nice and flat, perfect for practicing that Perfect Paddling Technique!
Everyone learnt a lot, and I hope I didn’t bombard them with too much info! There is just so much to learn when  it comes to the technical side of moving your craft through the water.
After some drills, and a video session, we sat in the great Plett Surf Clubhouse, and refueled on some PVM Octane and Energy Bars, and of course, freshly brewed coffee:) Thanks to PVM for supporting this idea.
 All in all, a great daymulticoach-ver2-61px out, with lots of enthusiasm, learning new skills, and enjoying a fantastic Day In Africa!

2 thoughts on “Surf Ski Clinic-Powered by PVM

    • micheray

      Hi Rob
      Thanks, MultiCoach is an Online Coaching Website that caters for Surf Ski and Kayaking, and will be branching out to other sports soon. So it’s not a paddling school exactly, more of a virtual coaching experience. However we will be hosting Clinics and Training Camps.

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