The Little Fish River

Jeannette unpacking after an Awesome weekend

Jeannette unpacking after an Awesome weekend

Jeannette and I missioned off to the TINY town of Middleton early Saturday morning to do the Little Fish River race. 29km’s of fun rapids and beautiful surroundings. We were a little late in getting going (something about Netski not hearing her alarm?) but we squeaked the start, however with no driver, we loaded our bikes into the Louw’s bakkie.

The river was awesome, the locals had organised a water release, so the rapids were fantastic. I haven’t been on a river much in the past few years due to Olympic Flatwater training, so I was quite hesitant before the start. I paddled my new River Vajda from Albert at Knysna Racing Kayaks. What an awesome boat! Stable, fast, comfortable, all you could ask for. It was just up to me to keep it upright 🙂

Anyway, Netski and I had a total jol (i.e.FUN TIME). No swims (Us 1: River 0). When we got to the finish, we were greeted by our bikes, and 30km of riding in 40 degree heat with only 1 bottle of WARM water each to get us back to our car at the start line. Good planning or bad? At least we had wheels.

2 hours later, 1 wrong turn and some broken Afrikaans to a Farm worker to get us back on the right track, 1 swim in the river to cool off, 2x Farm dogs chasing us, and many beads of sweat and we were at the car. Luckily the cooler bag had kept some Iced Coffees cool-ish. We throttled off to the Petrol garage at Somerset East for some much needed Ice-Cold Water!!! Then it was back to Middleton Manor for a braai with the ever-friendly Bluewater Bay Canoe Club members (who have a strange affinity for Captain and Coke…)

Sunday we hit PE and caught some of the EP Life Saving Champs, then on to JBay for some shopping, and finally home to Plett for a nap on the couch. Wow, we live in a fantastic place.

3 thoughts on “The Little Fish River

    • micheray

      I am on Team Epic, for Surf Ski and Flatwater. I use a Knysna Racing Kayak on the River, as Epic has not started making river boats yet. (Kayak Centre makes the Epic Legacy K1 in a Medium-which will be too small for the river, and an XL-which will be too big for me.)

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