It’s Friday :)


“Alter your attitude and you will change your life.” William Arthur Ward

How true is this quote? After a seriously long drive up to Underberg this past weekend, Lousie, Wayne and I were coming up with some pretty cool quotes and sayings, however all from memory. There are so many great sayings out there! I’ve always liked coming up with a few “Golden Rules” by which to live my life. Not that I need a rule book, but sometimes it’s nice to refresh on what is important. So here is one from me: “Life is not a Warm Up, Every Day is the Main Event”.

Here are some photo’s of Drak from the great guys at Actionography. Another awesome deal from the organisors at Drak, was to have the N3 Toll Concessions sponsor all photo downloads for all participants. Another top mark for the Drak’s scorecard on Value For Money Entry. (The other was a set of Tie-Downs with Drak 2009 written on them instead of a medal as you finished). The photo’s are of a sequence of me shooting the Famous Black Murray Rapid (it looks smaller in photo’s than in real-life 🙂 )

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