Monday :)


It’s taken me a week to get over the beauty of Mauritius and realise that I live in just as spectacular place. On Saturday afternoon I went for a recovery session on my malibu. I thought I would cruise to Lookout Beach and catch some waves. When I got there, there were about 100 Bottlenose Dolphin off backline, fishing for dinner! It was incredible. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me 😦 They were just swimming up and down the beach, with lots of babies in the group. It was amazing, just to lie on my board and watch them swim underneath me, and occasionally slap their tails onto the surface of the water, stunning the fish, and giving me a bit of a fright!

Plett is hosting the SA Single and Double Ski Champs on Easter weekend. Should be some exciting racing, and if the organisers opt to go through the river mouth, there is going to be plenty of excitement!

Will post some professional photos from Mauritius soon.

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