Easter Weekend


Happy Easter to all! Hope the Easter bunny brought lots of nice surprises…


Here is a brief report back on the weekend’s racing:


Race 1: Nelson Mandela Bay World Series Race – Friday 10th April

Fun course, slight headwind section, exciting to have to paddle through some pretty large waves near the Wreck, good downwind section back. 2 laps, plus minus 25km. Finished 1st Woman, and 13th overall in the Open (men’s) event. Nice to be part of the Splash Festival event.


Race 2: SA Single Ski Champs, Penny Pinchers Plett Race – Saturday 11th April – 25km

Hard course, lots of headwind, but very exciting coming through the river mouth with the waves actually playing a big role in the race outcome. Raced well to win the SA Single Ski Title (2nd year in a row) and finish 19th Overall. (Waiting on an awesome photo sequence, will post them when I get them).


Race 3: SA Double Ski Champs, Plett to Nature’s Valley – Sunday 12th April – 19km

Raced with Carol Joyce (flatwater paddler from our Olympic K4). Went well, not much wind, but one of the more scenic paddles in South Africa. Ended up around 13th. SA Double Ski Title.


It was great to have everyone in my neck of the woods for a change, paddling people are the best people:) I also had my 30th Birthday Party, which had a theme (“come as something beginning with an M”). People went out of their way and the outfits were superb. I have put some up below… Thanks to my mom, sister and cousin Carla for providing awesome snacks, and to all who dressed up and came along!


After 3 hard days of racing, I am now in preparation for the Euro Challenge race in Spain in May (2nd) followed by some Series races in Durban, and then comes the big Month of racing: Swartlands Canoe Marathon, SA Marathon Champs, Mauritius World Cups, Durban World Cup and possibly the Berg River Marathon. Heavy going, but I am super excited about it all!


When the Plett race’s TV schedule comes out I will post it on the blog. Until then, happy training.

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