Spain, Plett

Robberg in Summer

Robberg in Summer

Had the most amazing paddle this morning. My usual suspect, Alexis Lyon, is away in the Kruger Park, so I had to drag my own sorry butt around the Plett Bay. The water was freezing, very unlike Plett, so I made sure I didn’t get wet going out through the shorebreak!

Although it was raining, there was a warm breeze blowing, and with all the swell in the Bay, there were awesome runs coming off the Robberg Penninsular. When I say “runs” I mean rebounding swell coming off the rock cliff. Some were as big as 3 foot, and broke like waves. Great fun, even the seals were catching them.

I always love seeing the seals there, because then, in my mind, their main predator is not around, otherwise they would be sitting n the rocks out of harm’s way 🙂

I am off to Spain on Tuesday, but first I have to do loads of admin (amazing how it piles up when you need to leave the country), fetch a rental car from George (My Renault’s windscreen wipers have broken, leaving the car useless in this weather we are experiencing, and I am currently waiting for the part to arrive from France!), pack, and fit in another training session… Crazy times. I have come to accept that I am a procrastinator, and I obviously need the pressure of last minute chores to achieve travelling success…

The EuroChallenge is going to be awesome. Looks like there is going to be great down wind, and I have never been to Spain, so a first time for anything is always going to be fun. Stopping in London on the way back, on my birthday, which should be great.

That’s it for now. Will be in touch. SurfSki.Info will be in Spain to cover the event, so stay tuned.

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