Spain is amazing.

Staying in a 400 year old Villa in the mountains. I am sitting under an Olive Tree looking down onto the valley (this spot has the best wi-fi).

Eating like a princess in this fantastic adventure accomodation place called Aqua-Ventura owned by Jonathan Neill and Violetta. They have loads of helpers called Woofers (google it) from all over the world, plus a very worldy crew here for the race. They cook up some really great dishes every night.

Ran in the mountains were we are staying with Dawid the day I arrived. Now I know why the Spainsh cyclists are such great climbers.

Drank great Spanish coffee in a sidewalk cafe with my Italian frined Jaka and Matt from SA yesterday.

Paddled a really long and unpleasant, but amazing race today, only unpleasant because I woke up with a Stomach Bug of note at 2am this morning. Amazing beacaue I met a great Portuguese guy who nursed me through the last 6km, even though he had blown, but felt he needed to keep me company so that I finished the race.

Spain is AWESOME. These people really know how to live. They are happy.

I will post more tomorrow, and definately inclued some pictures, although I don’t think that theywill do this place justice.

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