Discovery/Men’s Health Grading Race & Durban


Winning the Grading Race-pic by Anthony Grote
Winning the Grading Race-pic by Anthony Grote

On Sunday I took part in the Grading race for the Discovery/Men’s Health Surf Ski Series. It was a great event, and even though I still had remnants of the flu I picked up in Spain, I managed to win the race in 86% of the winning man’s time, giving me the PowerAde Performance Bonus! Here are some links to the articles that went out to the press: and  

The Surf Team, photo by Jacqui Cochran of 'Experience This'

Straight after the race, Barry Lewin (who hosted me over the weekend-shot Bazzle!) rushed me over to Ushaka where I took part in a really fun event called the South Africa Rugby Legends Associations (SARLA) Challenge, as part of Team Jeep. The Challenge was over 3 days, and the guys got up to lots of fun stuff, like mountain biking, fishing, a cook-off and then the part that I was involved in which was the Surf Challenge. It involved some Sea Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, Beach Flags and Surfing. Ryk Neethling and some other celebs were there. 

Great fun, and of course even more fun because we won!

I am now back in Plett, packing up my stuff, as I am moving to Durban to race the rest of the ski series, and to enjoy the warmer weather and increase in number of training partners! My focus will stay with the Ski’s, as I have 3 big events coming up in Mauritius in July, followed by the World Cup in Durban. 

Stay tuned 🙂

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