Race 2 as a Durban Local

Photo by Anthony Grote

Photo by Anthony Grote

Did the EPIC drive up from Plett on Friday with good mate Ryan “Cradock” Louw. Took us a whole lot longer than we anticipated due to the number of trucks on the road… What is that all about? Anyway, made it finally, and unpacked my life into my new digs with Nat & Robyn Veckranges, Warren Beuster & Grant VD Walt. Awesome place, and awesome new house mates!

Saturday I paddled the Natal Marathon Champs, which was a great fitness test for me. I’m almost where I want to be, and fortunatley time is on my side as I still have some weeks until the National Trial.

Sunday was the 2nd race of Billy’s Ski Series, proudly supported by Discovery and Men’s Health. Michelle Eder pushed me really hard, and I had to dig deep to drop her, and then I managed to waste my lead in the surf, but luckily held it together enough to win the beach sprint. Exciting stuff! Matt B won the men’s in dominating fashion, with Barry in 2nd, followed by the Chalupsky’s and house mate Grant.

Hank won the Molokai, so after 2 years of being the bridesmaid he ia now the Champion! So stoked for him.

Other than that, Durban is great, had a warm surf this morning (after getting pounded in the shorebreak doing a photo shoot with SA paddler!) It’s going to easy adapting to life here:)

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