Fifth Win & Bridgitte Wins 500m K1 at Szeged

Photo by Anthony Grote
Photo by Anthony Grote

On Sunday I raced the 5th Race of the Surf Ski Series here in Durban. It was from Scottborough to Winkelspruit, which is 23km of potential downwind. When we woke up there was no wind, but on the course it was actually super fun, with leftover bumps from the night before wind. Warren and I ended up paddling together the whole way, on a very shallow line. We even got to take a couple of waves along the way. Maybe not the fastest route, but definitely the most fun!

I ended up winning by over 6 minutes from Michelle Eder, and in a great 87% of the winning man’s time. Billy Harker has raised the PowerAde Bonus Percentage to 84% as I have taken the full prize every week so far. In Cape Town I only ever took about half…
While I was hooting down runs, Bridgitte Hartley (my Olympic K2 partner, and my Marathon Partner for this year) won the 500m K1 event at the Szeged World Cup. (see for more info). Sprint Kayaking in Hungary is bigger than rugby here in South Africa. I can only imagine how awesome it must have been to win her race in front of that enthusiastic and very vocal Hungarian crowd!
Well done Bridge!

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