6th Win

Photo by Anthony Grote
Photo by Anthony Grote

Today’s race started at the Durban Undersea Club (DUC), which is gem of a spot, nestled in the corner of the Durban Beachfront, near the Harbour Wall. We paddled along the coast towards North Beach, stopping three times to go around bouys placed in the Surf Zone. The first was at New Pier, the 2nd at Bay of Plenty, and the final obstacle was at Battery Beach. You did 2 laps, meaning you went in and out through the surf 6 times. Many opportunities to make, or break, your race.

I had a stormer, finishing in 9th place Overall in the Men’s event.
The photo on the right is by Anthony, see www.anthonygrote.com for more excellent pictures.
On Friday I am off to Plett, for some super, soul-cleansing forest and sea time 🙂 Actually the SA Marathon Champs will be held over the weekend of the 27th and 28th June, and I am the lucky person who needs to go organise. Plus I am racing, so I really need to get down there. Vert excited about going home for a few weeks, to see my family and my puppy Bongo. Hope he still knows who I am…

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