Marathon Champs & Mauritius

Photo by Owen Middleton

Photo by Owen Middleton

Organising and competing are two things that shouldn’t be mixed. I actually think that organising could be harder than racing! The storm that hit Plett was unbelievable. Hail, snow on the mountains, gale-force winds! 2 trailors rolled on the drive down. Exciting stuff. Racing went well, next stop Portugal!

Now in Mauritius, raced the a warm up race today, INSIDE the reef because the surf was too big. Wasn’t elated to be doing more flatwater after the 50km’s of flat on the weekend, but it was the safest choice for the day. I managed to get away from Michelle Eder across the river mouth by some clever wave catching. I ended up 1st, Michelle 2nd and Carol Joyce 3rd.

Saturday’s prediction is looking good, the surf is dropping and there should still be wind. Can’t wait for a downwind!

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