Dunlop Durban World Cup

Photo by Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

Photo by Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

Surf Ski paddling is so much fun! Especially when the wind is blowing, the water is warm, and the dolphins come cruising past.

Sunday morning dawned, and the wind was blowing outside my digs in Durban North. Yes! I had nightmares the night before of a 32km flat paddle, not ideal. So, to get down to the beach at Durban Undersea Club, and have my ski roll in the wind (dinging my ankle in the process) was actually a pleasure, as it meant that my day was only going to get better.

The runs were great! I potentially went a little too shallow, but all in all, my line was good. I got away at the start, and then just tried to concentrate on stringing the runs together so that my boat speed never slowed down. Managed to negotiate the shorey at Westbrook successfully, so no embarrassing ski-on-head episodes there.

Lightie (Clint Pretorius) stormed the field to win from Matt, and Oscar! That guy just gets better with age! Michelle Eder was 2nd in  the women’s race, and Tiffany Kruger was 3rd.

Great event, thanks to Dunlop for coming to the party, and to Billy and TRacy for organising it.

At Nagle Dam now for a flatwater training camp. Next stop, Portugal for World Marathon Champs!

Photo by Craig Dutton

Photo by Craig Dutton

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