Training Camp and S2B


P7180058After my 32km World Cup on Sunday, I went straight to Nagle Dam in the Valley of a Thousand Hills, for a training camp with the Senior and Junior Sprint Team. I’m not ion the sprint Team, but a few of us Marathon Team Paddlers are there, trying to learn some speed!

It is great to see how Team South Africa has raised the bar in terms of having more coaches, a physio, caterers and a general positive vibe. Exciting times ahead.

Rushed back from the dam to watch the Scottborough to Brighton. I opted out of the event, as I have really been racing a lot this season, and have decided that it’s time to train now. Get back into a nice routine, and prepare myself properly for the World Marathon Champs. Dawid Mocke won the men’s event, with his brother (watch this space!) Jasper in 2nd. Tiffany Kruger won the women’s event, with Michelle Eder in 2nd. 

Training Camp Core Competition

Training Camp Core Competition

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