Back In Durban… Is this REALLY winter?

La Mercy

La Mercy

I got back from Nagle Dam on Saturday after a pretty successful 2 week training block. Got a lot of solid boat time, and also had some technique help from Marcus, shew it’s been a while. I hope all that time in my ski didn’t chase away any hope of a decent technique 🙂
The pictures above are of where I train here in Durban. It is magic there, clean water, and deep. Been putting in a few sessions with legend Ant Stott (, before he heads off to Spain to race the local circuit there. I have only 4 weeks left here in Durban, and I will be sad to leave this tropical paradise of a place. I think it was a good move, coming here to race the winter series, as it got me out of the cold Cape weather, and so far I have avoided any of those nasty winter flu bugs that always get me this time of year.
At the end of the month is the Sprint Trial at Nagle, then it’s the long trek back to the Land of Milk & Honey (Plett) for a week of TLC before I jet off to Portugal for the World Marathon Champs. After that the Chaos starts, with the Fish River Marathon, and back to back Surf Ski races which will all lead me up to the Big Showdown…The Dubai Shamaal.
Bring it on!!
La Mercy from the road

La Mercy from the road

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