Travel Agent, Manager, Coach, Athlete :)


Today was a magic day in Plett. Walk on the pristine and untouched Keurboom’s Beach with my mom and the dogs Bella and Bongo. They were so pumped to get out there. Bongo had the most fun chasing after some sand flies! The small things! We live in such a beautiful place, and are so fortunate to have the opportunity to do what we do.

P4072667The Mad Mutts 🙂

Postponed my trip to Cape Town as I am still on a break, and totally enjoying not having to wake up and train. Although on a day like today I missed not paddling! I’m still pretty tired, so it’s good to rest and I am happy knowing that I am recovering for the hard season that is to come.

I I have been included in the “New Look” National Sprint Squad. It’s very positive that the Squad will now be getting financial and medical/sports science support. The past few years where we slogged it out have paved the way for the future generations, and I am glad to have contributed to this.

dragon run 08Racing to a win in the 2008 Hong Kong Dragon Run

Today was Travel Admin Day and I have just been booking flights for my upcoming Hong Kong/Dubai trip where I need to go and defend my titles. I was also Coach, and planned my training for the next 6 weeks “The Dragon-Dubai Plan”. Hope it pays off. Different approach to last year, as I was coming off a massive base after the Olympics. This year has been good, just long, so I’ve tried to keep the Dragon-Dubai plan full of fun and variation, not forgetting lots of HARD work:)

Hope this great weather sticks around until I start my training…

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