First Week of Training.


One week done, many more to go…

OwenM090311 1274

Summer is approaching, and the extra light hours are making getting up early a real treat. Low tides have made for some classic beach runs, and Bongo seems to be coping with the longer distances better:) Strength training has left me a lot more stiff and sore than usual, maybe that comes with turning 30? Otherwise, thoroughly enjoying being back on the water.

First ski session on Saturday, and there were at least 5 Southern Right Whales along the way, and then again, was within 50m of them on the beach run. Bongo kept stopping every time they would bellow out, and look at the sea. Not sure if he could see them, or if he just didn’t know what was making that noise.

On the Keurbooms River, which has been glassy (Yes Glassy Robbie-no wind 🙂 )I spotted a troop of baboons on the bank, and the Fish Eagle was guarding his valley as usual. I am so lucky to be able to train here. Now just need to get the body to agree!

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