The Dragon Run


Shew, hard race! Very technical, great runs, but veeeerrrrry technical.

Had a good day out, felt comfortable on the runs, just got very cold at the start (didn’t pack any thermals), and it came back to bite me later on, as I started cramping with 5km’s to go. The last 5km were really hard, as I got to the Kissing Whale’s first, but with not too much of a lead, and I was convinced that Ruth and Katie were going to catch me. Managed to hang on to 1st, very stoked to win here in Hong Kong again.

Aussies took 1st – 3rd in the men’s race, with Lightee in 4th and Dawid in 5th.

This is definately a race not too miss. Great organisation, fanastic course, hospitality of note, and … shopping for Africa 🙂

Will try get hold of some photo’s soon.

Went to Kowloon today, hectic! 5 hours of serious bargaining, shopping, and trying to walk at the same time as more 50 000 other people. Good times!

Photo of the women’s clinic here in Stanley.

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