Dubai Shamaal Wrap up


Training paddle in Dubai

The race went well. I managed to avoid all the flu/colds circulating our house, and felt really well rested come race day.

Had an average start, and made a call to back off from the Hotspot and to wait for the downwind section to make my mark on the race. Managed to get a small gap as we started the down wind bit, then just concentrated on stringing the runs together. I took quite a deep line, hoping to get the benefit later on in the race, but the wind kind of died halfway, leaving me a bit deep. I thought I could see Jasmin to my right, but it was hard to tell as there were many men’s boats all over the place.

When I got to the entrance to the Marina, I had no idea if I was in 1st, and the last 600m of flat were a bit nerve-wrecking as I couldn’t see any of the others. There were a bunch of guys I felt I should be ahead of that took the shallower line, so I really think I messed that up a bit. I did win however, with Jasmin in 2nd and Katie in 3rd.

I didn’t win’s World Series however, even though I won every race I entered this year! There were a number of changes to the race’s nominated to be Series Races at the beginning of the season, and I had made plans according to the original star ratings… Anyhow…

As I got back, I drove down to Cape Town to do the Daniel Conradie Memorial race. Daniel was my mentor, and I wish he was alive today to see what I have achieved thanks to him getting me to start paddling! I think he would be very proud, especially of the Olympic final and Marathon medal! His race was part of the 2 day Peninsular Marathon. On the 2nd day we got to paddle around Robben Island, which is always an unbelievable experience! I won the event, and became the 1st woman to make A Grade in the Discovery/Men’s Health Surf Ski Series (on both days)!

Last race of the year is the Cape Point Challenge on the 19th, haven’t done much long distance for it, but we’ll hope for the best!!

New Nelo Ski

After the race, I went to see The Killers concert! Wow, it was awesome! Now I am back in Plett, with less than 2 weeks until the Cape Point Challenge!!

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