Cape Point Challenge


That was a proper Challenge! Well done to all those who finished, as it was surely one of the tougher one’s in recent history. Pete Cole had to make the call to start in Simon’s Town, as the NSRI safety boats were battling to get to the Point in the wind and swell. So we started at Longbeach, Simon’s Town, and paddled to Buffel’s, where we ran around a flag on the beach, and then headed out for the final 5km of Head Wind to a marker buoy at Cape Point, then home in the fading Down wind to Fish Hoek Beach. 50km in total.

Team Plett checking out the start the day before

The Head Wind section was hhhard! The wind was relentless, and when I looked at my GPS and saw 7min/km pace, I realised we were in for a long day! It got better as we approached a more protected part of the Peninsula, to my relief. The part past Smitswinkels Bay was very bumpy, but at least there was the possibility of catching some small rebounds there. unfortunately Buffels claimed a few broken rudders, and DNF’s.

The last 5km to the Point were not my strongest, and I started feeling sea-sick. When we finally turned for the home stretch, the wind actually died a bit, but the leftover runs were pretty fun. I was super happy to go past the Lighthouse as I knew I had 5km to go! Broken is an understatement, but pumped to win my 2nd Cape point Challenge in a row, and narrowly missing out on a Top 20 finish by a minute and a half, ending up 21st Overall.

Great organisation by Pete Cole and his team at the Life Saving Club. This is definately one of the Ultra’s you have to put on your Bucket List.

Nicky & Janine stoked with their medals! Well done!

I am back in Plett, looking forward to some down time. Lots of very exciting things on the cards for 2010. I am so pumped for what’s to come, both on the racing front and on the development side. Watch this space!!

Team Oos Kaap rocking the Brass Bell

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