PE, heatwaves, I love summer


Sunset over Hobie Beach

I have been living in PE for 2 months now. It really is the friendly city (and did I mention windy? 🙂 )

The weather has been great. I am training hard, and enjoying the coaching side of things too. Apologies for the lack of posting, but been busier than normal!

 I have been away quite a lot, mainly Natal. Had a great ski race there a fw weeks back, winning the Varsity College Marine Series race in big, Easterly conditions. Then I was back there for the Global Trader Drak Challenge, which didn’t quite go as I had hoped. Very disappointing, but put it down to bending that learning curve. A lost paddle after a silly swim, meant 20 minutes on the bank trying to find a spare. Race over for me. Day 2 was way more fun. See below.

Drak-photo by Actionography, courtesy of N3 Toll Concessions

Next up is the PE race in Easter, and a trip to Spain! Yes please.

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