Durban World Cup


Been a while since my last post. Crazy times at the moment. Moved entire contents of my house, wow I can collect a lot of stuff! Then I was off to Durban for the SA Sprint Champs. Wierd to be there as a coach and not an athlete! I am racing the Eurochallenge in Spain on 2 May, and have a really good friend’s wedding next weekend, so the only time I had to put in some distance was last week, in Durban. Staying with Barry, Ant and Andy at the legendary Peace Cottage helped matters, as the beach was right at my doorstep, and La Mercy, my training ground from last year’s Durban stint, only 5 minutes away.

Got a really solid week of training in, even managed to do the Durban World Cup Race Course (well that’s if the wind blows NE on Race Day). My puppy Splash made the trip too, albeit stressful having a 12 week old in the car for 11.5 hours! Thanks to the guys for putting up with us for the week.

I raced SA’s with Bridgitte in the K2, and we won the 500m, 5000m, and were pipped into 2nd in the 200m. Good fun, but I was pretty broken from all the distance of that week!

Greg and Ryan Louw, the EP guys I coach, came 2nd in the K2 200m, earning themselve a spot in the National Team! Great stuff!

A press release for the Durban World Cup has gone out. See below for the link.

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