Stoked to be here!


Unfortunatley I was involved in a car accident last night. Made me realize how fragile we are, especially after I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck, literally!

Thank God I was in a car that has excellent safety features. I have had mixed emotions about my car, a Renault Clio, (named Cleopatra by Donia Kamstra years ago) since I got it. I remember being so happy when I first got the Renault sponsorship. When the deal ended, I was upset to be sitting with a rather expensive car, especially as a broke professional paddler trying to qualify for the Olympics, and now with hefty repayments to make. Just yesterday morning I was chatting to my first coach, Barbara Harrow (my swimming coach when I was 8 years old!) and she mentioned that she wrote off her first Renault Clio, and the car was the reason she is alive today. She went out and bought another one immediatley! Little did I know, I would be in an accident in my Clio just hours later.

I had an epic Downwind planned with Steel Neal today, 50km from Plett to Buffel’s, and funny enough, my training has just shifted into a new level, and I had started feeling really good. Now my clavicle and sternum are a bit buggered, hoping for no real damage, but at this point the pain-killers are my friend!

Here’s a picture of what happens when you get hit at 100km/h, which apparemtly equals 200km/h in force.

Splash was in the car, but he is fine. What a little guy, he has nearly drowned (2x), been in an accident… what next? I think he is living up to his nickname “Buffel” for sure!

Anyway, thankfully, noone was hurt, and I have insurance:)

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