Oyster Festival


Ran the Knysna Half Marathon for the first time in quite a while on Saturday. The past few years I have been in Europe on training camps this time of year, and I was really excited to finally be in town for the event. It was my first ever half marathon way back in my student days. Even though I haven’t really been training since my car accident, and have not run over 10km’s in over a year, I ran my second fastest half! I did 1:42:30, which is great for me, the non-runner! Caught a taxi to the start so that I could really get into the Festival vibe, and had the very important post-race pancake (to support the charity that sells them… 🙂 🙂  well of course to replace all that energy I burnt up). The new route was great, more time in the forest, and less time on the road. The killer downhill from Simola into town did it’s evil thing to my quads, and they are hating me now.

Spent some time in Knysna with my mom and then hit the Heineken after-party, which had my favourite band-The Parlotones and Flat Stanley. Very cool.

This morning I woke up to freezing cold, wind and rain, and rather stiff legs! Paddled the Knysna Lagoon Challenge, presented by Ristorante Enrico and Manja Kwa. Besides the hail (yes, HAIL!) and ten degrees I had a fun race. And everyone thinks winter is Africa is mild! I paddled with PE legend Marc Bosch in his Nelo Vanquish 3 K2 (what a boat!). We had a bad start as Marc got caught in the buoy rope, but we managed to catch up to the front bunch after about 20 minutes. The portages were terrible because I had to take off my splash cover and let in the cold air! Unfortunately for Marc my end sprint is only as good as a woman’s so all the boys beat us, but at least we were in the mix and were 5th overall and 1st Mixed Doubles. Trevor and Jenny Niksch, and Rob Hyde and the guys at Knysna Canoe Club put on a super event, well run despite the bad luck with the weather.

Test drove a car on Saturday, hoping to get it sorted out on Monday. Hating not having wheels (without roof racks too).

That’s all for now. Hope it warms up:)

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