Friday :)


Even though I don’t have a nine-to-five I still love Fridays! Weird, but weekends still mean something to me, I suppose it’s because everyone else I know is now “off” work for the weekend, so more people to hang out with!

Training is going well, nearly finished with a big aerobic block of work. Looking forward to the 2 days recovery that are coming. My collar bone is still niggling after my accident, but at least I am out there on the water. Gym has taken a back seat, but I am enjoying the bits of strength work I am doing, mainly more lower body work, and been playing with kettelbells.

Saw a massive whale in the Bay this morning. Splash the Staffie heard it before I saw it. He has got so brave, and ventured into the water quite a bit today. Living up to his name and not his reputation! He has even graduated to lifting his leg now:) No more “girl” style wee’s:)

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