All packed& ready to go.


Packing for this trip has been quite a mission. Not only am I racing 5 Surf Ski events (think life jacket, butt pads, juice bags, GPS)  but also a Flatwater Marathon Champs (think foot rests, pumps, seats, juice bag) but also a River Marathon-The Fish (think splash cover, different life jacket, more juice, recovery stuff…) Wow! I am going to 3 different countries, if you count Cradock (it really is a country all on it’s own-go there, you’ll see!)

The weather is also going to be hot and summer-like, then freezing and cold!!Not to mention that Splash tried to help me pack, by eating some of my vitamins, and ripping up a few plastic bags. Gosh, hope my parents cope with him for the 5 weeks I am away!

Oh well, I love a Challenge!

I am so pumped for this trip. Although that jittery, excited feeling could be all this bottomless coffee I have drunk at the Mug ‘n Bean at OR Tambo airport!!

It’s been a while since I have gotten excited for a trip. The past few years, trips normally meant training camps, and long stints away from home, plus Sprint World Cups, where you paddle in a straight line, against countries who are professionals, and have been doing sprints for years, well funded and supported by their countries canoeing bodies. I don’t miss the staying in dodgy places, training all day, and racing only 3 times a year. This trip alone I have 5 surf ski events, and 2 canoeing ones. It’s going to be so awesome, and all at beach locations, including an island!! Bring it on!

There is internet at the hotel so I should be putting regular updates on, as well as some cool videos from my on-board camera.

I am also giving 2 coaching clinics in Portugal. for more info on the 1st event.

Thanks to Correl and Andre for being my training partners for the past few weeks, I hope it’s going to pay off. I’ve had a slightly different training approach this year, let’s see what happens.

My plane is boarding, I better dash. Have the final 2 episodes of the FINAL season of Lost on my computer… Can’t wait to finally know what happens. (or at least make some sense of 6 seasons of a TV series that has me stumped!)

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