Nelo Summer Challenge


Ronny, Mike, Japs and I

So I thought I had posted about the Downwind race but clearly not.

It went well, I had an ok start, and actually was in the running for the Hotspot, with Bridgitte H, but I wasn’t sure which direction the line was from the buoy to the pier. She got her nose there about a meter before mine though, I was feeling good so I kept up a pretty consistent pace into the wind until the turn can. Bernadette Wallace (Aus) was with me when I turned, and I managed to to hook a run as I rounded the can, yes please! I opened up a gap, and never looked back, just trying to link the runs together.

The event had a live internet feed, and there was even  helicopter filming us from cool angles. I decided to go for broke in the shorey, well actually I thought I would paddle away from the wave, but I ended up making a great entry for the camera’s! I won by over 2 minutes from Bernadette, and a further 5 minutes back to Bridgitte in 3rd.

I have never raced such a short event, and it was actually great to feel buggered at the finish but not totally exhausted like you do after 25km of racing.

All in all, a superbly well run event, with TV footage from the day playing, and a Buondi Coffee bar on the beach (I think that was my personal highlight!!)

The 2nd event (800m ski race) was going to be tough against the sprinters, but I surprised myself and got a 3rd place. Very happy with that, I think if the wind was blowing and the conditions got technical it would have suited the surf ski guys a bit more, but Jasper still managed to win the guys event!

Helena and I

During the event they had TV footage showing from the day before race. There was a great vibe at the beach, and later in the night we went to Europe’s Biggest Beach Party (50 000 people), and got to see vanilla Ice live! Took me back years!

The Start

Nelo & I

Next stop… Portimao!

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