After a very cool time in Ibiza and Formentera, I flew to Barcelona and  hired a car. My day got made when the rental guy said “It’s a Mini-Cooper”!! Yes please:)

Lost the map the rental guy gave me, but made it ok anyway. Went straight to the Lake, which is where they held the canoeing and kayaking events for the Barcelona Olympics. I found Albert, the local legend, who is paddling K2 for Spain, and he hooked me up with a Youth Hostel.

After a good rest (missed out on that these past few days) I headed out on my brand new Nelo (cool Green colour-thanks Andre). It has been 3 weeks since I last sat in a K1 and the adjustment took a while…  I found my flatwater legs soon enough, now t is time to work on some speed.

Unfortunately I picked up a bug, but have been taking antibiotics ad am now feeling a bit better. Had to take the Mini back (my heart was broken). Mark Bosch arrived on Thursday, and it was good to have a training partner. The whole SA team arrived on Saturday.

The weather has turned for the worse now though, from 35 degrees to constant rain, but at least it’s still warm. There are just a hell of a lot of flies…

Been touring around a bit, went to Girona, and Olot. Very cool old towns, pretty romantic.

That little dot is me:) In Girona

Still 4 sleeps until my race. Hope it comes fast as I have had enough of this spot now… My speed has got better in the boat and I am now ready to race. After a month of racing my ski in Europe, the best I can hope for is just to survive:)

The Legends: Roelof and Andre

Here is the race website for more info:

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