World Champions!! The Masters Event


Beth Burton-World Champ!!

World Masters Champs kicked off on Wednesday with all the K1 events. Team SA did pretty well, scooping te following medals

Gold medals from Herve De Rauville (70 plus), Roelof van Riet (60-64), Hilda Lapere (50-54) and Mary Beth Burton (55-59), a Silver medal from Antje Manfroni in the Ladies 35-39 category, and Bronze medals from TC Smit (Men’s 50-54) and Anna Clifford Arwidi (Ladies 40-44).

Antje & Anna World K2SV Champs

Thursday saw the Doubles events being raced, and we got the following:

Gold: Antje and Anna in the Sub-Vets

Silver: Rob Maclein an Andre Rabie in Masters

Bronze: Beth Burton and Jo Daneel in Vets

unfortunately Wayne Wilson had some boat admin, he was looking good for some medals:( Mark Bosch and Gustav Radloff went pretty well despite sitting skew, and hoping they try again next year.


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